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Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by *lonely~star*, Aug 13, 2009.

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  1. *lonely~star*

    *lonely~star* Member

    I really want to overdose and slit my wrists
  2. Animosity

    Animosity Forum & Chat Buddy

    please don't.. if you need someone to talk to, my PM box is open.
  3. Beautiful Disaster

    Beautiful Disaster Forum Buddy SF Supporter

    why, whats going on and wrong in your life?
  4. *lonely~star*

    *lonely~star* Member

    I just .. I ve had enough...Im fat...my life is going so wrong.....my mood is so low... cant even do anything anymore
  5. Mathale

    Mathale Well-Known Member

    Sod what the outside world has to think! sod them all.

    Come on Lady.

    I say, rather than get depressed... get angry, that way you can find any small ounce of motivation to just sort out your issues.

    You seem to start with being fat? If its a massive self concious issue... you know there are ways to fix that! Dont change because the world says so... just change because you want to!

    I hope that will reduce those suicidal emotions!
  6. *lonely~star*

    *lonely~star* Member

    I have anorexia and bulimia and Im tired.
    I also have a borderline personality disorder.
    Im tired
  7. Mathale

    Mathale Well-Known Member

    Do you get help with the eating disorders?

    Whats your mood like during a typical day.... what pushes you to do it ?
  8. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I know you are tired then go lie down go to sleep for awhile take a nice hot bath try to distract these thoughts. Put music on Being over weight so what there are alot of people overweight i am one of them and i don't care. Size isn't important it is how you feel about yourself that counts. Anger can be used as well to get you out of that depressed mood the hell with all of them I know it is not the best coping skill but it is the only one that keeps me going Anger gets your adrenaline running gives you energy you so much need. Keep talking to us okay we will help you get through this please don't hurt yourself go for a walk do anything to get you out of the enviroment your in. take car
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