oh, crazy grandma! You're so FUNNY!!!

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  1. KittyGirl

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    Jeeeezus.... -___-

    Nah- I can laugh; it's cool.
    My grandma is super eccentric, kinda like me, but even *I* see half the crap she does as pure craziness!
    I'm going to stay with her for a couple of weeks in the fall to help her write an autobiography.
    She has a MILLION crazy stories to tell though, so I'll basically be recording them and writing down main points-- and making a timeline last. The actual book writing will probably take a few years to complete, but I figured I'd need to see her soon to get all of the material I could before she 'croaks'.

    She's a woman who prefers to live in a trailer with frozen pipes in the wintertime-- eating rotting food; meanwhile she has over 13mill. in the bank.
    Her family were big money years and years ago-- some of Canada's first irish/scottish settlers and the founders of many small towns in central Ontario. She was 'abducted by aliens' 4 times! Had many pregnancy complications- lots of health problems but always made it through somehow.
    XD I love her stories!
    Whether she's bullshitting me or not, she has alot to say and I always figured her stories would make a good book.

    Mom often gets annoyed by gramma; as do the rest of our family members... Though gram is crazy, she was also the woman who taught me how to play the piano and sing when I was a small child.
    ...she also gave me dolls with chewed out eyes for Christmas one year... and once when I built a snowman in the yard- she made me tear it down because she thought it was alive and moving around the yard, going to come and kill us in our sleep... yep... crazy gramma... I love you.
    I kinda wish you weren't such a tight-wad so that my family hadn't had to suffer through living in homeless and battered women's shelters when we were kids. -____-

    ...yep... crazy ol' grandma.
  2. mandyj101

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    Sounds like it will be an interesting book!
    good luck with it :) x
  3. tainted-angel

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    sounds cool.... have fun with that... and if you post it anywhere, lemme know... would love to read it... :)
  4. 1izombie

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    certainly sounds like lots of writing matterial there.. i would love to read that book...
  5. Domo

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    Sounds like a great opportunity!

    Hope you have a lot of fun :)
  6. Viro

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    I love being around people like that. They brighten my day immeasurably!
  7. stuckinchicago6

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    Lol on the last line.