Oh For God's Sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    4 days ONLINE....how the Hell did a guy I thought I had a very good shot with suddenly become infatuated with a fake, sycophantic, whoreish, emotional powder keg THAT HE MET ON THE FUCKING INTERNET?????????? We were going to go otu and everything was fine until she added him on myspace! This sounds really immature I know but I am so confused!!!!!!

    WHAAAAT???!!!! Now he's planning to meet up with her???? I know we weren't going out yet, but I can't believe I let myself hope again!!! We were going to and I'm kinda hurt :( This guy has made so many reckless decisions in his life, no doubt about that, he is THE single most impulsive person I have ever met....

    ....but I happen to know this girl has a reputation as an online stalker, she went after my friend who I liked before, messed up that...and now she won't leave HIM alone!!!! I HATE HER!!!! SHE IS LIKE A PLAGUE THAT WON'T STOP FOLLOWING ME AROUND!!!!! I have never even met her but all she seems to do is add people I know then inflate their egos until she's fed up with them!!!!!!!

    I am so fucking mad. I feel like tracking her down and punching her. I feel like knocking her damned lazy eye back into place. I feel like calling him right now and telling him what kind of an Internet weirdo she is but I'm trying to keep in control...and he's stubborn.

    I really thought this might work! Now a friendship may have been jeopardized with him, I really hope it hasn't...

    Why does this keep happening? I know men say women are confused but Oh my God, you men are the most confused species I have ever come across! You have NO idea what you want!!!! Why can't you just tell us straight what's going on so I don't stay up late wondering if I'm going to end up going out with you or not while writing exaggerated, whiny, terrible poetry as a release so I don't get drunk and call you up and slur lovingly down the phone!!!!!

    Thank God I never called him up drunk....

    And how the Hell can you fall in love with someone you have never met in person you stupid reckless dumbass?????!!!

    Am I an idiot or something??? Or am I not the only one that thinks falling for someone after knowing them 4 days online and never meeting them in person....IS A BIT FRIGGIN DUMB!!!!!!!!!???

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    Im sorry to hear that:(