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Im still under moderation after what, 2 months!?

Am i ever gonna come of admins?


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hi Sarah,
I guess you have been gone for about that time too... I might be wrong...so I reckon it's necessary to see how things go from now on.
I hope you can understand this, and by the way, this is only my view on things, I didn't talk to anyone else from the staff about it.
Take care,


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i agree with Helena, you have been away a while and we'll need to see some more posts from you to see if you should come off moderation



Yes, but id like to be taken off moderation as i have been home for weekends, and now that im discharged im sure you've all seen a nice me since then. =/
AND on weekends.

A bit peed of that im still on it!


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you logged in to another members account, pretended to be them and asked for their account to be deleted, i dont see that as all too nice


She gave me HER pw.
Shes the one who gave it to me.
I dont see any reason why the hell she would, she knows im under moderation, and she knows what i would do.
I only fricken did that because;
1. I dont want her on this site, she has enough to deal with already
2. I dont want her reading my threads as yes they can be upsetting to FAMILY MEMBERS
and 3. shes like my best friend, she doesnt need to be surrounded by people saying they want to die when shes had to deal with it from me for the last LOADS OF YEARS. She doesnt need the frustration or upsetness.

OK? I have valid reasons for wanting her account deleted, she needs it gone, she cant come on here, she just cant, she goes through enough! OK!?
did she ask you to get it deleted?? if not then sorry but you've got no right to try get someone elses account deleted no matter whats going on in their life, if they choose to come here then thats up to her


She only came here to read my threads, and then i told her if she wants to discuss some of her past, then she should register and get some support for what shes going through, but she told me herself she gets overwhelmed and upset over such things on this forum, and i told her to not visit here anymore as it could effect her majorly.

I did tell her about this, and she knows why i did it, and you know what? I dont care if you think its wrong to do that, IM DOING WHAT I THINK IS IN HER BEST INTEREST. Whether you think it is, or not.
I know whats shes been through, she doesnt need a big batch of emotional and mental issues on her plate aswell!

I was just thinking of her, not me, not the forum, HER.

I just didnt think of anything whilst typing that.

I just want her to be safe, not worrying about someone planning suicide, or someone in danger of loosing there life or risking serious health problems.

OK? I just care about her, im sorry if any of that offended ANYONE, i dont mean for it to be offending, im just EXPLAINING myself on what ive done.

At the time, it seemed the right thing to do, taking into consideration her situation.
i can understand but having 'ago' at me or anyone else aint the way to go, and some of that post did sound pretty agressive towards me, i never said i thought it was wrong, i said you had no right, theres a difference everyones entitled to their rights, and if she wants to come here then thats up to her, shes making her won choice, but i do completely understand why you did it, i do understand that, i can understand you wanting to protect her, but at the end of the day its up to her and i respect you for thinking of her, i admire you for that. im not saying you were completely wrong for doing it but in a morally sense it kinda is, if you get what im saying, i dont wana get into a argument with you because i've heard some good things about you and i can see you mean alot to people here and must be a special person to have that, and to be honest i would prefer to get to know you rather than having an 'argument' if thats what you wanna call it.


I dont call this an arguement, and none of that as i said was MEANT to offend anyone.
If it sounded aggresive towards you, then not my problem, its how you see things, i dont see it as aggresive to be honest, i find it as me explaining myself to someone who thinks im 'morally wrong' for trying to protect a very close person to me.

But, whatever, i just want to know when my moderation will be taken off, i didnt particulary needed to be questioned on my actions.
i understand that, but see it from admins point of view, they see at you going into someone elses account and trying to get it deleted, which is against the rules, imagine one of your friends came on to your account because they was trying to proctect you from all this shit that can happen here, its the same thing, if that happened i think most people would see it as invasion of privacy, try and see it from admins point of view. and i DO understand, why you did it, and i admire you for trying to protect your cousin, but even if you had got that account deleted your cousin could of created another one anyway, at the end of the day if she decides to come here then thats up to her, no one can stop her, she might even find it helpful just like you must do. but i deffiantly understand why you did try get it deleted
But, whatever, i just want to know when my moderation will be taken off, i didnt particularly needed to be questioned on my actions.
It's your actions and attitude which will determine when you're allowed off moderation.
And just because YOU decide someone shouldn't be here doesn't mean that you have the right to prevent them. After all, how would you feel if someone tried to make that decision for you... pretty angry I'd guess.


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Seems pretty valid a reason to me, after all, do you not agree that some people cannot comprehend and/or take in what is posted here without some trauma? She was looking out for her friend.
Show us that you can follow the guidelines of the forum and I am sure you will be given another chance. But you must follow all of them, not just the ones you decide should be followed. We are here to support you Sarah, as we have always been, but we must also support and protect all the members of this forum. I wish you well in your efforts hun. Take care. :hug:


I've given you more chances than I can count, it's quite clear you're never going to respect this forum, it's rules or its ethos, no more chances, banned.
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