oh humans..

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    humans human, despising everything.
    osting everything
    what's my karma if i keep alive?
    how can i forget what i've been through?
    how can i survive you?
    how can i sense that im faking it?
    how can i know that i've lost interest in everyone?
    what for?
    what for?
    just a light
    just a light

    and is true my brain has nothing to do with how i feel
    it's all about myself.
    it's all about painting
    it's all about a relax
    and enjoy
    and sex
    always fucking sex

    i've lost everything
    once more
    once again
    but you're all fucking young
    what in the fucking world is your issue?
    go ahead and make it!!

    If you may kill yourself, do it, fucking do it
    If you may start again, do it, fucking do it
    but don't tell me life's not worth, cause Ill ^shhhhhh^*.
    death's lame
    death's lame
    landing corpses
    landing corpses
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