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so I'm fifteen, i have a long time friend, he has a dad, he gets pissed of at the dumbest most minor things. we've all known each other for a good 3 or 4 years.
and I'm never really rude to his dad... but he gets pissed off at the most minor things ever. during this situation if you say "sorry" he ignores it, as if he just expects you to feel horrible for the "electric chair" you just got away with, you know,crimes like not hearing him and asking him nicely to repeat what he says,
or not being able to reach the salt during dinner and asking for someone to pass it over. I'm not even over exaggerating (or under), these things actually happened. anyways... at night we where watching a movie, his dad asked me if i wanted a water bottle i said sure, he said they where in the cooler, and because i was tired it kinda translated in my head as "fridge" so i open the fridge and he get's pissed off again and says " I SAID THE COOLER!" so he walks to the cooler, takes out a water bottle, gives it to me, and walks away as if I'm supposed to feel horrible. (btw, he never minded me opening the fridge before so it's not like a privacy thing or anything like that) so i say "sorry for the minor insignificant mistake" and not even in an angry tone... just kind of a normal tone. then he kicked me out of his house, and he hates me for that one really minor thing... so I'm the only one besides the other two who know this. and because i think there opinions are bias ... anyone else think that was an over exaggeration? maybe just a little?
Ermmmm, i wouldn't worry about it.
He may have been keeping his blow up doll in the fridge to keep cold for later.
I hope you can get through this. pm me if you need to.
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