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  1. I've just gone from over the moon back down to nothingness. Why do I bother? I shouldn't bother. I've heard all too many times I DON'T have the right to knock myself off..... who fucking decides that? Sure it's selfish for me to leave everyone and have them hurt and whatever else.. but what about me? It's selfish of them to try and keep me here so they can feel better and fulfilled... I don't get it. Sure if I can help it i'm not gonna leave them with a massive mess to clean up but fuck, just let me do this, you know?

    Maybe I should just get it over and done with... The only thing is I have that whole "i'm so useless I can't even kill myself" thought process due to failed attempts. I'm so sick of this. Sorry about the melodrama, sorry too if I do it successfully. I worry of how Steff will be afterwards.. as well as her own depression..
  2. sudut

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    read the following. i'm happy somebody in this forum is atleast concerned about the pain he will leave his loved ones in. you are not a selfish person. its not so much what other people do to you, its your response. don't let their actions hurt you. that which doesn't kill you only helps build you. i have learnt this about life. don't let insensitive fools make you hurt your loved ones forever. infact the best revenge for people who mistreat and use you is to be kind to them in return. this sounds like a bitch but just try it. natural laws will work in your favor if you do this. life is only a test. its very short too.


    if you wanna talk, just p.m coz i'm not online most of the time.
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    Hey dan I understand how you're feeling mate pissed off,depressed,hopeless,worthless and every negative sad emotion pretty much.The fact is that if we were to take our own lives people would be hurt really badly,but don't get me wrong I've felt just like you and still do at times.
    I say thing's like well people don't walk in my shoes so what do they know and what I'm suffering etc,but I guess they would be hurt badly if we weren't around anymore.It's sad that everyone doesn't understand what we're going through and it pisses you off I know,but try not to let it get to you so much.Because it can really upset you badly,try to do thing's like enjoy the moment's more.
    Can I ask are you on any meds?
  4. thanks for the kind words, fortunetaly the mood didnt last long enough to go through with much.

    No meds sorry ace, a wee bit against them to be honest.

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