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That would be a good idea!!

Stay calm hun, it will all get sorted, he'll get what he deserves.
Yes, he will. Sometimes it seems like they get off scott free. But I was watching a documentary some time ago about a religious (in the wrong way) accountant who killed his family and fled to another state. He changed his identity. It was nearly 20 some years (I think), but they finally caught him and he got life in prison, from what I remember.

Anyway, back to the topic. It's surprising how horrible a person can be, it's all the more shocking and horrible when they are your friends. But justice will be done, as they say.
This situation would put anyone ill at ease. Take care not to overreact and get yourself too stressed out. I hope that action is quick and he is off the streets and away from the neighborhood as soon as possible. Your friend will need lots of support as she deals with this. Be a good listener if she needs it. Take care of you at the same time. :hug:


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right, i've spent some time with my friend and she's calmer now, so am i. i was going to go to scotland to stay with my aunt to get away but why should i so near to x-mas?
so anyway, i went out last night and battered his brother who was also there at the time. his brother is a chav. and i dont like him. the man who did it has dissapeared back to his sesspit on the other side of the thames



That would be a good idea!!

Stay calm hun, it will all get sorted, he'll get what he deserves.
What I hate the most is that I can't react like this to things like that anymore. I envy that your mind works as simply as it does with things like this, just like mine used to when I felt sane. That's the normal way, you feel, you react, you decide, you judge and it's done, no further questions.

When I think about the rapist or the person being raped, I don't know who is worse off. Obviously being raped is one of the worst things that can happen, in fact in my own ways I think that I feel like my mind is being raped all the time...my feeling is probably about the same as a person who is being raped daily. I don't know who I should have more sympathy for. I mean what would have to be going on in your life or in your mind to rape a woman? You would have to feel that there is no other better way possible for you to fulfill your desires. Then living out your life having to hide what you do.

It's the same way with serial killers, all I could think about before was how repulsive they were as people. Now, it's like a revelation. Holy shit, the people they killed though tragic are probably better off than the living hell the serial killer is going through to be doing that.

I think life can be equal-opportunity in terms of suffering.
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