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oh no! D:

ive been dating someone now for a litto bit...,
&& i fell hard in a way;
he was there for me through my previous brake-up && threw shit with my mom,
he's a flirt which i dont like at all,
(im a taad jelous i guess you could say)
He tells me he loves me everyday all day pretty much (&& im the first girl he's told "I love you" to).
I on the other hand i have never said "I love you" to him or anyone && he knows im not going to say it...,
but back to the topic;
I dont want to talk to him about his flirting && upset him or seem controlling in anyway... or even scare him off.
grrr this is a sticky situation for me, advice please? :/

total eclipse

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open conversation is necessary for any relationship to last. You should bring up your concerns so he knows okay things won't change unless they are adressed hugs


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if you keep your frustrations to yourself they come out in other things, you may get 'narky' with him. it's best to be open and say look, you know how much i like you.. i'm worried you like someone else.
sounds like you need some reassurance.
keeping your concerns to yourself could put a strain on your relationship.

:hug: hope it gets sorted.

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