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    The wedding is in nine days, and my dress doesn't fit. I'm on an all fruit and vegetable diet until the wedding. And I must get a good form of exercise each day, including 250 sit ups and 50 push ups a day and something else (probably riding my bike or something). I would attempt a fast until the wedding, but my dad's on this whole kick about eating five fruits and vegetables a day. I have to fit into my dress! It makes me want to cry and sh just thinking about it. gah why am i so stupid?

    My mom is really loving towards my brother in law to be, and I asked her why she kept saying things like "i love you" "i'm so happy that my daughter found someone like you" etc. And she said it's because he beats himself up a lot. And i said, "So do I, and you don't say anything like that to me.." and she laughed and said "no you don't!" oh, sigh.

    I have my waiver test for driving today, and i'm so afraid. And not to mention band tonight, which i'll SUCK at because i'm a failure. why can't i, and my life, be perfect?
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    Aw :hug: Having a steady diet is really important because if you lack important vitamins and minerals you will probably feel like crap when it comes to the wedding day. Stay away from the saturated fats (such as chocolate) and exercise but don't overdo it! You'll get more advice from the HEAL forum. Good luck! :hug:
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    Don't be afraid to have your dress altered if need be. It is more important for you to stay healthy at this time. If it is on't a few pounds, you should be able to do that. I wish you luck. :hug: