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  1. lostbutnotfound

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    Fuck fuck fuck. Builders have just knocked on my door saying they need to fix something and now they are here and making so much fucking noise. There are too many people. Too much noise. I'm sorry about this post but I am trying to focus on something, as am on the brink of panic attack and have tears streaming down my face. Fuck I feel pathetic. What the fuck is wrong with me. Omg, they are gonna come and see me and fucking laugh. I am an adult for fuck sake.. shit. Shit shit shit. TOO MUCH NOISE. fuck. i cant do this. why cant i do this. omg. am freaking the fuck out. cant let them see me. fuck. they are shouting. and drilling. and i dont know what to do. why am i this fucking pathetic. fuck. im shaking so bad. fuck.
  2. absolution

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    :hug: It'll be okay hun. Why not play games in the arcade to distract you?
  3. total eclipse

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    I hope they are gone now and they did not stay long. I hate people invading my space too. uhhh next time don't let them in okay hugs to you
  4. Nima

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    I agree with you I can't stand it when Builders are working next to me or in the vicinity of my house. But don't be on the brink of a panic attack you need some medication to keep you from having these episodes. Talk to someone who can help you through this Crisis. You can feel free to talk to us about your problems we're all here to listen and reply back to you.