Oh to hell with it...

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    john up early this morning.. got him convinced to take a nap for a bit later adn ended up having really disturbing night terror dreams.. woke in a panic and holding down the marlboro intake went right out the fing window.. the cutting down had been going good for two days.. screw that now..

    dentist called a week ahead of time asking then if i could come in this morning to get the permanent crowns put in. feeling terrible and got johnny now so lied and said i had a docs apt soon.. any way apt reset for tomorrow morning cause i thought johnny would be with kaite then.. right after made th eapt for tomoorrow katie called and said she would not be looking after johnny for awhile cause her elderly dad was really not doing well at all..

    ok this is not new and john adn will be ok.. but....anyway been screwing around for couple of hours now.. time to get my head out of my ass and shave and do baths for me and zoomies.. should look presentable both of us for dentist's apt tomorrow.. shouldn't we?????

    personally i wish that both of us could just go hibernate adn run away fo ra month or so.. would say what' next but that is just asking for it..
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    :hug: Jim and Zoomies

    I hope Katie's dad is going to be OK. Sounds like dire situation. Hope everything will be OK.

    Hibernation isn't an option, unfortunately. I hope things resolve themselves soon, Jim.

    I hope the crowns will go well for tomorrow's appt!
  3. jimk

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    thank you jason.. did chat for few mintues and complained some there.. now time to get some stuff done.... at least if do it today will not be looming over me tomorrow... take care jason.. later
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    I just hate when I feel the world's agenda is against me and even what would be smaller things when not pressured, build up to wanting to rant and scream...hope the day has settled a bit and that your appointment goes well tomorrow...much caring
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    Good luck