Oh to Purpose...

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  1. Oh to Purpose
    That secret and precious
    fulfilling need;
    the place where each loving seed
    is planted
    by hand from heart
    But where to start
    when one has been defeated,
    meaning lost
    is the highest cost
    when traveling through
    this bitter life
    And too much sorrow
    seen with weary eyes,
    where the world looks like it
    comes to end
    Because illusions are much that we depend on,
    moving through moments
    with something in mind
    But the fates recurringly are unkind
    And strength is stripped
    through this tired trip,
    and sight once sought
    becomes blind
    Too much has been taken
    in all that we were busy making
    And empty echoes behind
    all our efforts
    all our works
    We’d use each moment
    We used the earth
    We use each other
    and did do not bother
    to view that this time is final
    Yes, a link in the chain for those who remain
    But not all can be so strong
    And many are defeated by all that went wrong
    Is there mercy for such
    as they cling and they clutch
    to all they once held sacred
    Instead, we, suffering
    feel naked.
    Where is the purpose in such a fate
    Where is justice,
    come too late
    Where is mercy
    for those who wait,
    and is it a sin
    to give in…

  2. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    No, it's not a sin to 'give in', not in my opinion, but it is a regret to me. I can understand feeling buried under the weight of the world and its' cares, but please don't give in. Love you very much and have lots of faith in you.:smile: :smile:

    love and hugs,

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Not open for further replies.