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oh well, no help

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not sure if this is in the right part, but I am feeling so suicidal. I know how I want to do it and feel I have the ability to do it, but noone thinks that I will.
I have seen the dr for a while now, and have asked for an assesment, which they did, I think I tried to tell them everything so that was that.
I went to the dr's today and told her about how I was feeling and told her how I had planned it ad what was planned and she said to me, that I wasnt a risk and the crisis team said the same to her because I was too intelligent to do it.
I feel far from intelligent, I feel smaller than ever now and more determined to do it.


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im not a big fan of doctors, im a firm beleiver that they get all their information from text books not from real life experiences and in that way i think their full of shit

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Don't think a doctor is the person to help you. You should get help from a psychologist. Doctors don't know what's goin on inside your head, because they were never trained for it.


ive never been to drs like that, but yes i believe they cant know whats going on inside you, no one can, unless they have been there.
and it shows she is far from intelegent, cause an intelegent dr would at least listen to what you are saying and help, even if their own opinion is different.
do you have friends to talk to?
i hope you are feeling better


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Thankyou hun for that
I dont have anyone to talk to, I have no friends.

I have been waiting since begining of dec for a psych. appointment, apparently the first referal got lost in the post and the dr has put another in but not heard from them yet, so I am no nearer,

Things are worth it anymore I dont think.
Re: oh well, no help... very true

i consider myself a very intelligent person, at least in terms of understanding myself and other people. i recently attempted suicide. there is no intelligence about it, that doctor is ridiculous and clearly should not be seeing mental health patients. its almost like she's daring you! but don't do it to prove a point. i'm considerin ga repeat (better planned) performance, but i'm holding on for help. please look for better help. i attempted mid february and i'm still waiting on any kind of help from the NHS, remember they are underfunded, badly orgainsed and overstretched, they see fakers all the time, you need a specialist who will HELP not criticise, don't kill yourself for her, prove she's terrible at her job by getting help that will make you feel better and then complain, best of luck
Your doctor has no clue about suicidal people I would have to say. Many people that suicide are highly intelligent. I believe research has shown that those with extremely high intelligence are actually at higher risk of suiciding. You aid you are on a list to see a pdoc. Have you gone to a therapist? The pdoc will give meds and that is their primary concern. The therapist is the one who really listens to what you have to say. See if you can get into some sort of counselling before you see a pdoc. And maybe a referral from a therapist may expedite the appt. with the pdoc. Let us know how you doing. :hug:


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I have spoken to a counsellor, but after a year of seeing her she said that she couldnt offer me anymore as I am too complicated for her.

I am on mirtazapine meds and hae been for a while and on the top dose of it, but that too doesnt seem to be working, I am just a lost cause that doesnt seem to be able to be helped. :blub:


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The whole "you won't suicide because your too intelligent" thing is a bit off. I was reading an article a little while ago that said "only the bright commit suicide" because they have a higher level of self-awareness, it was a theory, but it was still interesting. I'll find the article later.

Anyway, a higher level of intelligence being the cause that stops you from committing suicide seems to me completely ludicrous. It's almost as if she were just saying that so you would have a big head, ie make it so arrogance would stop your suicidal tendencies.

And don't worry about that one counsellor that said you were too complicated. If that was the case, or merely laziness on her part, it doesn't matter, she shouldn't be a counsellor to begin with. In my opinion, being a counsellor not only means having the education for dealing with mentally ill people, but the inherent ability to unravel the human mind, at least, to some intelligent degree. Anyway, hang in there, and continue the hunt for a decent counsellor.
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