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    When you call me crazy, paranoid and insecure, as if being insecure is unusual here, saying things about me that aren't true and treating me like a waste of life to you, it hurts. It doesn't help.

    You call me names and say that I am this name and that name, and that I'm hostile. I reach out to you and tell you that I don't want to have contact with someone and you tell me that I'll just have to "deal with it". You made me feel like I was wrong to kindly ask someone to not talk to me because I don't want to feel provoked by them anymore.

    Maybe you need to think about the way you handled the situation and how you talked to someone about it in a way that was not mutually fair and was hurtful. But you don't have time for that. Your words are incompassionate and unempathetic, and your actions are hurting people.

    I don't understand how there are people in your position who can say things about people directly to them and there not be any fair approach to it, no communication, nothing. And when you shut the dialogue down then you're not even trying to talk about anything anymore. And then you just let the frustration about it linger and fester to get worse.

    No, problems don't magically disappear and then we're all content and happy again and supposed to not talk about our feelings like it never happened.
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    Sorry Prinn, but I have not been here for a few days...if you wish to clarify any of this in a PM, please do so