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    I"m sorry, I just need somewhere to vent about this..

    I can't stand when not so unaatractive people call you unaatractive and they call you ugly or would pass on you..

    That is so aggravating..can anyone Identify..

    I am not ugly, but I don't think I"m the sexiest girl in the world, but I know I"m not ugly...

    The majority of ppl tell me I'm pretty..(notice how I didn't say all)

    But ppl think they have lots of room to judge and they don't..this chick is not as attractive as me and she basically called me ugly..

    I'm not picking on anyone at all, but I"m more slim than her..and she smokes and drinks too much..ugh!!!
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    sometimes people try to make other people feel bad when they themselves feel bad.

    happens alot, some people who might feel 'ugly' will pick on others who they percieve to be 'ugly' or in some manner 'ugly'.

    can be to boost their own self esteem, by switching their own hatred or displeasure with themselves onto someone else who they percieve to be in the same category. whenever they feel like shit, instead of honeing in on themselves they go after someone else. bad though, cause ususally this is numbing parts of their own self to themself.

    Sometimes it's all just a status game. if i pick on you alot and maybe get some people to do it, in a social status way, ill be makeing myself higher than you.

    sometimes people are pricks.

    sometimes people are really hurting inside.

    there's many reasons, best thing you can do, and this is the darn truth, is believe in yourself and be stronger than it. that comes off like what everyone says, and it's true, but it matters how you take it. when someone emotionally attacks you, at those very moments when you are listening to them, ..listen to yourself. know who you are and know that whatever they are saying, isn't the truth. they might say something that is truly factual, but it's the definition of that fact that matters. one thing to someone is another thing to someone else. try not to get sucked into that.

    i used to with certain things, learned that by feeding into it all im doing is just playing someones game.

    you know the truth, gotta wonder, "why is this person doing this?"

    oh yeah, dont take no shit from no one. but in responding,dont sacrafice a part of yourself.

    sorry if you didnt want to hear that, donno, maybe you can bounce a few thoughts with it. i hope you feel better.

    anyone who says stuff like that realy has no true perception on someone