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oh yeah, here I go....or "This Is My Purpose on The Planet Earth

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thought i'd cut and paste the transcript from a one sided IM session/rant with my ex-wife. I had been waiting over a year to say this to her. Our divorce final'd this past Monday and now I do not have to have any contact or dealings with her EVER again, until I cross over to the other side. I hope she chokes on her coffee in the morning...lol

**********@ymail.com (8/20/2011 2:06:48 AM): funny shit that would have been on your ass....lol! a felony stop at gunpoint in the middle of fucking nowhere? You would have shit yourself. lmfao....and you would have deserved every freakin moment of it. You are TRULY evil, but your brain is so far gone you don't even see it. A few more years and you will be walking around looking stupid and your brain will stop functioning. Just like mommy! I win in the end. Your the one who is going to "prison", not me. And the reason I'm not going to prison? I didn't molest anyone, you ignorant twit. I hope you live forever....so you can be trapped in your fucked up head for eternity. Good always WINS vs. EVIL.

**********@ymail.com (8/20/2011 2:19:18 AM): Feel free to do the harassment shit thing stoopid...lol! I actually like them when they are in place. Because if I have a weak moment and try to contact you because of some random memory flash I had about you before you checked out upstairs(went fruitloops) the pfa or pfh stops me from doing it. And then I feel better because I didn't seek Evil(you). I use to think the "hillbilly" was a bad person. I have to tell you, she is looking like a saint compared to you and your equally sick and evil fucking father and what you have done. Your ex-husband *** figured it out too. That's why your daughter ******** wants nothing to do with you. She knows how EVIL you are. I pray that MY girls wake up someday and see you for who and what you are. You are a cancer that destroys Life.

**********@ymail.com (8/20/2011 2:36:19 AM): Listen carefully....my hatred of you is so deep that when I die, and I am fairly certain that I will die soon, my ghost will stay with you and your rotting spirit for Etertnity. I will HAUNT YOU FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY! So please live a very long time(see Judge I mean her no bodily harm, but her Soul I will devestate and devour) No my "good friend" ********* ******, I would never, ever hurt you. But listen to this VERY, VERY closely. When I die, it is YOU who will have caused my death. It is YOU who will have snuffed out my life.

**********@ymail.com (8/20/2011 2:39:51 AM): The guilt of that Evil act, will bury you and you will experience the Pain and Sorrow that you gave me.....and the "prison" I spoke of earlier is your MIND. You will be locked in and trapped in that Hell for Eternity and I will be the one holding the key. I will never speak to you again in this life, but when I cross over to the "other" side, my voice you will hear in your mind, until the end of days, so help me god! I CURSE YOU FOREVER! Live long!
Yeah, so I feel better. The fuse has been lit. Time is flying now, headed to something, something wonderful....


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You are finally free of her now is time to create a new life for you okay
taking you own life will not bring her turmoil why would you give her such pleasure really
You stay and you show her that you can be free of her and have a life so much better Noone is worth taking ones life over hun hugs
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