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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by aki, Jun 2, 2009.

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  1. aki

    aki Well-Known Member

    god I hate myself right now. and I feel like everyone is repulsed by me. i'm repulsive. and i just wanna cut but I promised my therapist i wouldn't. i have this aching inside and fuckfuckfuck. i'm so disgusting.
  2. aki

    aki Well-Known Member

    omg why was i ever born? why why why whyw hwywwuwjwuwjwjwuwhwuwhwuhwuwhwuhwuwhwuhwwhuwhuwhwhuwuhhwy why was it decided that i was to be born? such a waste ofg life. my brother shudl have been born instead. they probably wanted a boy. and yeah i was a waste of money. and yeah i should have ebeen starnagled or whatever. and i can't fucking cry. i haven't cried in months. and i feel no pain but this stupidness. i want to know whats wrong with me. i want to know why people hate me. please tell me. i feel like i'm having a breakdown or something. i can't take these mood swings.
  3. aki

    aki Well-Known Member

    oh and btw my pain means nothing.
  4. shades

    shades Staff Alumni

    El, you're breaking my heart...please talk to me. Or someone else here. You've got so many people here who care about you and love you.
  5. mdmefontaine

    mdmefontaine Antiquities Friend

    el hun

    you are quite a love

    you are not a mistake and you are just sooo good. just as you are.

    i am so sorry you feel so much pain, and feel so bad about yourself

    i wish you could treat yourself kindly, and with great tenderness, just as you deserve.

    it is good hun, that you are posting your feelings . . . it shows that you are very strong and courageous.

    please lean on all of us here until you feel stronger.
    you have many here who care for you hunni xxx ((major hug))
  6. aki

    aki Well-Known Member

    just ignore me. i shouldnt have. sigh.
  7. snowraven

    snowraven Well-Known Member

    Hi El, sorry to hear you are feeling like this. If you need someone to talk to contact me anytime. I know how tough it can all seem at times but you do have people here who care about you. Love and best wishes, Simon.
  8. BriGuy

    BriGuy Antiquities Friend

    I won't ignore you!! And your pain isn't NOTHING... it is your pain!!

    I'm so sorry you're hurting!!! :hug: If there is anything any of us can do...
  9. plates

    plates Well-Known Member

    elizabeth you're a sweet girl and i am not repulsed or disgusted by you. who's making you feel so fucking awful? :mad: they are the ones who are disgusting not you.

    i do hope these feelings pass for you and you see yourself as the beautiful person i've come to know here. :hug:
  10. aki

    aki Well-Known Member

    argh. these thread...is...bad. my posts not yours. your posts are amazing. i feel touched. i don't have the energy to respond right now though. but just know i read each one and thank you all like a million times. sigh again. stupid mood swings :sad:
  11. aki

    aki Well-Known Member

  12. BriGuy

    BriGuy Antiquities Friend

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