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Hey Everyone!

I am kind of new... I suppose...

I had this account for about a year, but I just started really using it recently...

So yeah.... Anyways.... A little detail explanation of myself....

I am 17/m.... I live in Arizona.... Grrr!

I am bi-sexual..."Buy me something and I might have sex with you"... lol
Just a little bi joke... :tongue:

Hmmmm.... Things I love!

Japanese people
Japanese Music
Dir en Grey
Being alone

I am home schooled... So I have lots of free time, which is good I suppose...
I dropped out because of my anxiety problems... My parents didn't mind...

Ummm, that's pretty much me.... =^-^=

Ja ne!

|LOVE| :lips:

Hey welcome to the forum, im glad you've started using it again :D

I hope the forum helps in some way :)

Hope to see you around

Take care

Vikki xxx :hug:
:welcome: I am glad you decided to start coming to SF ...it's a great place with great people, take care and I hope to see you around...if you need anything..don't hesitate to PM me.

You aren't alone anymore... :hug:

:hug: :hug: :hug:

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I like Japanese girls, there so petite and really cute a lot of them. Id love to meet a few...but its whitiesville where I live...pure as the driven snow...*yawn*

Oh and I like food.

Enjoy your stay


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Welcome (back) to the forum.:smile: HOpe you can find some peace and support here. We're here to listen with lots of shoulders to cry on and arms to hold you up.:smile:

love and peace and hugs,

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