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    right , so most of u know that i live in Christchurch New Zealand , the city thats just been hit with a 7.1 earthquake , altho we are most certainly lucky that this hasnt killed anyone it has truamatised LOTS of people including myself. hence why im writing this , i can bearly sleep because the after shocks and when i do sleep im having nightmares of things that happened in the earthquake which arent exactly real facts as to what happened .. alot of my friends are homeless, along with a great number of other people which are also homeless , ive never been in an earthquake quite like this one and altho i wasnt in the city when it hit i felt it all the same .
    i was unable to contact my family or my close friends for hours and was left wondering if i even had family to come home too . finally late that afternoon i found out that my parents were safe , and my flat mate had a huge job of cleaning up but no strucle work was needed .
    the fear of the unknown is just traumatising to be honest. i dont want to be in this city at the moment because im just so scared of whats gonna happen , we are being prepared for another BIG quake to happen and i just wish i could book a ticket somewhere and get out of here , after shocks every 30 - 1hour which arent little , between 3 - 5.5 i know there is nothing i can do to stop them from happening but i really need some support right now to get thru this .
    i know this must sounds stupid to some but it really has shaken me up and put my fears at an all time high . i went thru the city tonight to see the damage and my god its fucked just how much damage there is , it doesnt look like christchurch now it looks like a ghost town army personal and police at interesections letting people know that that road is not safe to go down and directiong them in other directions, bus system completely messed up and its so hard to get from one place to another . i really just want my life to go back to normal but it looks like its going to be kaos for months and months :( URGH i just needed to get this out , sorry to bother u all
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    that must be very scarey Esther..I can understand your concern..
    I don't really know what to say except I'm listening and I feel for you.
    Do you have someone with you now? are you with your Parents?
    keep listening to the authorities for information..
    i hope all settles soon..
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    I think you have the right to complain and vent all you want!
    A natural disaster of that level is a serious- life changing event, and it's something that happens without warning and not something that you can prevent.
    I'm so sorry...
    I'm even sorrier because there's nothing I can do to help.
    If I see any donations for the quake in NZ, I will toss in whatever I have in hopes that it will help even a little bit.

    I'll hope for a quick recovery and rebuild; but even so... at the magnitude that it is-- it seems like things definitely will not be fixed and back to normal immediately.
    Please try to hang in there...
    I'm sure everyone else feels the same as you and want things to go back to normal; but only with time and hard work, will it.
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    hay Esther hun i no how scary all this is and im out here i cant even begin to emagin what its like been in the city but hun its going to be ok!! :hug: i no im not much help but if you need ANYTHING you no im just a text away!