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Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by ZakPup, Dec 27, 2007.

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  1. ZakPup

    ZakPup Well-Known Member

    I've had enough. I mean grades finally came out today all together from my 4 classes i have a 1.00. I tried soo hard in all of those classes, and yet I failed. I fail at everything I ever try. Highschool was the same. I was fucking stupid then and i'll always be. I tried working and I got fired from the jobs that I had. Seriously, what use am I here on this earth. I'm just a waste of resources and air. So guess this is goodbye
  2. DynamiteKid

    DynamiteKid Well-Known Member

    pick urself up of the ground mate. keep fighting. life may get better. be safe. respect.
  3. Twisted Sweet Lies

    Twisted Sweet Lies Well-Known Member

    Is there a certain thing in school you are having a hard time with like tests or homework or understand the material? You could have a learning disability. I never did that good in school even though I worked my butt off then I found out I had a learning disability. If you have one there are things teachers can do to help you out. Also you could try getting a tooter. If your in college maybe try taking only one class next semester and see how you do with that.
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