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    look, i DONT CARE ABOUT BOYS AT THE MOMENT, ok?! i dont need or want a boyfriend to spread rumours about me!

    ya know, i've got SLIGHTY more pressing things to think about right now, more pressing than worrying about how stupid i'll look w/o a bf! oh like, you know, how to get food on the table when we're more or less broke, how to actually get all the housework and homework done... make sure that mum looks after herself somewhat... pretend i'm not tired... oh, and did i mention? make sure dad doesnt come back and beat the absolute crap out of my mum like he threatened he would.

    only SLIGHTLY more pressing than fitting in, right? :mad:
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    Awww hun :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: if you'd like to tak about this more you can message me hun. I am glad you are venting. It's a good, natural thing. :)
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    :hug: :hug: :hug: TDM
    I don't know what to say. I'm here to listen too if you need, ok?
    Please be safe :hug:
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    sorry to hear about this happening to you, now of all times. you already going through a lot and i know this is the last thing you need. i have never quite understood people's need to suggest such things, as if they know whats better for you than you yourself do. imo, someone doesn't look stupid simply for not having a bf, esp when dealing with all the shit you have to. im assuming the people saying this don't know whats going on? just do your best to ignore them. while i know thats hard, im really not sure what else you can do. stay safe hun... thinking of ya :hug:
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    :grouphug: thanks everyone for replying.. things have been.. well, hectic, to say the least. Today I have had virtually no time for anything other than surviving lol... got pulled out of class to see the counsellor, ended up half an hour overtime because i was that fucked up.. listened to mum ranting about work and dad for the entire hour trip home after school, get chores done, SOME of my massive pile of homework, went waaaay overtime on piano practice without realising it, and so now at 10 pm I am dead tired and trying to be bothered enough to revise for a test which i forgot about... oh yay. anyways, i'm rambling enough now, and i should probably get some work done at least.. tc all