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well i have been giving this a lot of thought lately...and i dont think i can do this anymore...i truly dont..i have been taking my anger out on myself by cutting/stabbing myself...bad..i no...but i cant help it...i want this all to end...so i have decided that either i talk about it...or i kill myself...and i have been trying so hard to talk about it...so i think it has come down to killing myself...idk...i just dont...


i dont have any thing left to say. other than there are some really cruel people on this site that seem to have fun bringing others down when they already cant go any lower.
Who has been mean to you? I care about you, and i don't even know you. I understand what it is like to hurt so bad you just can't go on. I feel it so often myself. I have found a lot of support here. If someone is being abusive, report it to a moderator. Please talk to us. I know it's hard, but suicide is permanent, and maybe we can help you find another solution. Sometimes it just helps to get it out. I care about you. Hearts and Hugs.


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Shellz, please don't kill yourself.. have been there many times myself.. Ilene is right.. I am very sorry if there are people here that are being cruel and bringing others down.. I have been through alot in my life and please give us a chance.. this site is not for other ppl to be cruel.. Please PM one of the administrators privately or somebody on staff.. it will be taken care of and nobody needs to be here who is treating anybody horribly and they don't need to know.

We care alot about everybody who comes here. We don't want you to hurt yourself or kill yourself.. For a long time, I have been suicidal..and I can't believe it, even my pdoc, is amazed that I am still here...

Then somehow a couple years ago, I found this forum.. yeah, i had plans, was going to end it..for sure.. make sure that it really would happen..this time.. no stopping me at all.. can't believe I made it through what I did..Here I am..

Then I found this forum.. I can't tell you that it has been easy for me all this time.. yeah, I want to so badly at times.. since I was young, but I come here, and talk to ppl who have walked me through and helped me come this far..

I hope you will give us a chance.. sometimes we have problems with some ppl here and they are either given a warning, under moderation, suspended, or banned from this site.. If you will let somebody know, it will be taken care of.. We want all the members here to feel safe.. We have all been through alot and that is why we are here.. To help anybody who comes here. We do NOT tolerate others who are cruel or cause problems and make somebody feel even worse.

SF has saved my life and most of the ppl you will find here really care about you and can realte to you.. Please, I have been there many times.. if this is happening then admin/staff need to know.. we try our best to monitor ppl here and if we don't know what is going on and somebody being like this, than we can't do our job to make sure that this site is a safe place for everybody,.,. You don't need this at all.. I would feel the same way.. please hang on.. and lean on a mod, or staff member to help you get through this time in your life, if we don't know and aren't aware, then we can't fix the problem and maybe these ppl you refer to have also hurt someone else we aren't aware of...okay? it will be confidential if you make a complaint..

I don't want you to kill yourself.. at all.. Please talk to us about what is going on with you.. and if you don't feel comfortable right now sharing on the site.. please pm the staff members.. we can't help if we aren't aware and the peron/s will be dealt with.. We want this to be a safe place for all ppl.. I wouldn't be here if weren't so.. Please hang on, okay?

The Admin/staff members and mods are in colors.. and says so.. I think under the first part of this section.. maybe under rules.. Robin is the administrator who started this site.. (thank you, Robin) and if there is a problem, you can go to Robin, Jenny, or Sarah, or Bunny, who are Administrators.. They will take care of the situation or those of us on staff are here to support you and will take care of this situation..

You should feel safe here.. okay? Please talk to us so we can encourage you and be there for you.. Please free to Pm anybody too.. if you feel you can't share what you are going through..




i just dont no what to say anymore. i dont no why i keep coming back here. i want to talk about it. about what i feel. but it never seems like anyone ever wants to listen to what i have to say. i hurts so much.
We all can relate, shellz. We've all been there, or somewhere close to it.

We understand, here at SF, more than most people do.

As much as I can, I'm willing to help. PM me or otherwise if there's anything I can do.

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