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Since '09 I've had on-again, off-again suicidal urges. I was a senior in college and became depressed. There were two things that bothered me: the idea of venturing into "the real world" and the fact I didn't make any close friends. The latter always bothered me, but not too much. As my senior year was drawing to a close I began to feel increasingly lonely and unhappy. My work suffered because of this. I should've graduated but instead I ended up failing most of my classes. Things were okay the next year after I found a part-time job at Borders, but now they've gone to pot again. No classes, no job (Borders closed down). Long story short: I just want out. I'm tired of feeling uncertain and unhappy. I'm 25, about to turn 26. Given the disastrous economy/job market, why should I even bother returning to school? What's there for me?

just to clarify things, I started community college in 2003 and graduated spring of '06. I took a year off and resumed my studies in the fall of 2007.


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Hi and welcome...Were it not for my education, 9 months ago I would have been pennyless and without prospects...no one can ever take that away from you...maybe find a field that is recession-proof so that you have job security...J


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Hi, Welcome to the forums..You should stick it out in school..This recession won't last forever..That peice of paper will eventually land you a good job..

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I know you are suffering now hun but you are still young the future noone can see. So please stick it out at school get that piece of paper it does matter.
I hope you post more okay we care lots here are going through the same emotions I hope you can talk to your doctor get back on meds for depression as this will help you cope as well hugs
Sometimes taking a space and really trying to work out whats best for you can really help.
In this mad, crazy world we often let it all build up, all of lifes problems and worries.
Maybe, instead of being worried about this, you can sit back and perhaps look at your options, look at what you have, not what you have not.
I went back to school 3 years ago, wasn't easy, but i did it and am now starting a long road doing what i always wanted to do.
All you can do is your best, simple really.
Then any targets you fail to meet are not your fault, not your lack of intention and not your sadness.
Never set the bar too high, too many people do i think and thats when they feel let down, by themselves........and others.
The world economy is struggling and it will be many a year before it recovers, man is at last paying the price for greed.
Do what you can today then your future WILL get better, be nice to you and those around you and your heart will have no room for worries.
As of this moment I'm not in counseling. The last time I went to therapy was in '09 when I was living at school. I would've told my parents if not for the fact they've been through so much this year (severe health problems). If I were to tell them what I've been feeling, I really don't think it would end well.

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oH i think you under estimate your parents love for you I think they would help you get back into councilling you need hun give them a chance okay ask them for some support hugs
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