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I feel.... Okay? Not bad but also not good. Slowly letting go of some guilt/shame I have been struggling with, probably because I started therapy again. I am starting to do little projects at home that make me feel accomplished, keeping up with cooking and exercise, and I re-enrolled in school so I can start some classes next semester. I just don't like this lost and numb feeling. It's hard to not second guess if I'm making the right decisions but I can't dwell on the past, just continue to work through it so I can move on. At the same time I can't worry about the future too much because I don't know what it holds. Maybe I'm numbing a little bit because I feel like I'm overwhelmed? I'm both doubtful, scared, and ready to give up but at the same time I also want to fight to get better and to be successful. Ugh, feelings.


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Keep fighting, be successful - that is what you want? Absolutely go for it.

When therapy re-starts all kinds of feelings, thoughts and emotions arise, it will pass.

Congrats on starting education again, you're definitely on the right path and the exercise will help you to feel great as well.

Try and include healthy sleep hygiene into your regimen too. You can do this.

Good luck with therapy, just stick with it, it might get worse before it gets better but it will definitely make an overall difference. Best wishes. *hug
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