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Haha, this is the stupidest post ever but I'm writing it anyway.

I am listening to OK Go. It is making me feel happy. It's making me remember a gig of theirs I went to where I got crushed at the front, sang along at the top of my lungs, and accidentally 'cupped' Damian!! :shy: :ohmy:

It was a genuine accident I swear! :laugh:

Point is, for the first time in ages a happy memory is making me happy, rather than miserable because I don't have that any more. This gig was after all the abuse, after all the shit. Before the PTSD, but that's not the point because it was still AFTER the traumatic experience itself. I CAN feel happy! I have felt happy before!

And this particular gig is such a random memory. Because it involves a lot of people, a lot of noise, sexual innuendo... But I wasn't freaked out. I was relaxed and happy!

I can do it, damnit!!


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Okay, so now you all think I am the kind of lunatic that you don't want to talk to (you must already have caught onto the fact that I am a lunatic of some description....) :hides:
lol nah i don't think that at all!! The only song i really like by Ok Go is Here It Goes. Thats a awesome video!! lol im actually listening to the song now :biggrin:


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Haha, thanks Vikki :tongue:

Have you seen the video for A Million Ways? They danced in that too, only without the treadmills! When I saw them they did the dance for their encore :laugh:.
That's brilliant! :biggrin: :hug: Music is great at bringing back memories, isn't it?
You CAN do it :)

(and you're definitely not a lunatic, either :tongue: )


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Heehee, thank you both :wiggle: :bounce:.

I really hope so. It doesn't feel so... optimistic right now. But I know it did then and that's a start isn't it. :smile:


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Hey ~Nobody~,

Hows things going now, remember you can still do it, glad you had a positive memory to share, thanks....


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Well since I finally got with the times and opened an ImageShack account I thought I'd share some relevant pictures :tongue:.

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