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    I have an old composition book from years ago, maybe about 5 or so years ago. I found it a few months back and took a look at some of the things I wrote in it before abandoning or losing it way back when. These are some of the writings I found in it, but I'll just post them one at a time. Take it how you want to take it. This is how it's written in the book; forgive any grammatical errors (I don't want to modify them because I feel it removes its authenticity).


    things just get out of hand.
    People tend to grow
    for a very long time.
    Some things continue to fail
    but sometimes
    people tend to grow
    out of hand.
    And where's a nail filer when you need one?
    A trimmer.
    What if they just grew
    and grew?
    We know more than we really do.
    Sometimes they break
    like all things do
    but sometimes
    people break.
    Trimmers never let me down
    but sometimes
    they break.
    I break them.



    June came and went
    for the little girl
    birthdays don't cost much
    around here
    A bag of hay for a hat of dimes
    March was never this good.
    Spring cleaning is through
    let the sun shine through
    bodies glow and slap
    with Jungle Fever on the rise
    light skin has never been
    this golden
    Weddings and flowers
    on beaches no one knows of
    water is warmest
    Laziest people by the shore
    rides on freeways with windows down
    jewelry never blows into my mouth
    but hair does
    in the wind
    in June.


    Post-Its [This is my favorite]

    I'm hungry
    but I don't want food
    nor drink.
    I want more.
    I'm hungry.
    My mouth is dry
    but I do not want food
    nor drink
    nor things.
    I'm so hungry.
    I can hear my stomach
    growling for nourishment
    but I want no food
    nor drink.
    I want more.
    No money, nor food
    nor drink.
    Not home nor car
    dolls nor these THINGS
    none of them I want.
    I'm so hungry, hundreds of thousands
    of others who are this hungry
    don't know where to start.
    Why hasn't the revolution begun?
    Oh, I am hungry.
    The reminders are there.
    Why hasn't the revolution begun? And,
    I am so hungry.


    Cherry Blossoms [This is the only one I actually remember what I was doing when I wrote it. Another favorite]

    The weeping Sun asks
    the girl in the blue pants
    "Will you come out to shine?"
    "To glow?" the girl asks
    but the sun blasted her
    and with one ray
    her face stung like a burn
    her eyes, blinded by an
    unprecedented brightness,
    then a second ray.
    "A third?" the girl asks
    Witha swift movement
    through the cardboard box
    called a living room
    the blue pants come off
    and the topless broad chattered
    with the Sun.
    And although fallen leavens
    began to disappear,
    and flowers blossomed through her blinds
    the girl shunned the Sun, the glow, the blue in the sky,
    she shut out that old light
    and the mirror began
    the Sun's reflection
    "More!" the girl yells
    The heat from the Sun's rays
    escapes her blinds
    The walls begin
    to sweat
    the birds chirp
    the blue sky falls
    the bees beg for entry
    but the girl refuses.
    The outside cries,
    and the Sun weeps.
    Oh the weeping Sun.
    "Just go away," the broad cries.
    And a cloudy day,
    a rainy silent day
    never comes.


    [I also found a folded piece of paper with chicken-scratch for writing on it. I think I may have written it a bit pissed off about something political that was occurring at the time. I barely remember.]


    the Republicrats
    the Liberpendents
    the Conserverals
    ALL are INdependent of the
    rationality and logic that are encompassed
    ... in me.
    I am ANGRY at the people
    allowing this mockery of pretending to care
    pretending to give here and THERE
    THERE runs another RAT across the Congress
    whispering to his pals about how much $$$ he
    STOLE from the people
    CRIMINALS in office
    riding our BACKS and
    sending our boys to -RAQs and -RANs
    it's time for our people to get up and take a STAND
    immorality, lost mentality
    remember, ALL are victims of HIGH MORTALITY
    STAND on your podiums
    I wanna show ALL the politicians
    where to SHOVE IT!!


    [This was written on the back of an empty page in between at least 10 clean pages with nothing written on them.]

    Walk alone if you have to walk.


    That's all I found.
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