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Old dream, nothing special. :P

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This is a dream I remember. It's been a few years ago since I had it, but I've always wanted to discuss it. I'll try to remember as much as possible. This dream isn't related to my depression or anyone elses for that matter, I just thought it was an interesting dream. :P

The dream began with me in search for a cave. After a while, I found this cave and in it, there was a big round room, with 7 or 8 doors in it. Infront of these doors there was a gap, a dark opening with about 4 or 5 feet in width.

As I gathered up all my nerves and got ready to jump into the first door, I had difficulty choosing which door. I didn't choose the one most to the left or right. I picked one in the middle somewhere. I jumped and reached out for the door, resting upon a small ledge and manouvering myself around, to get into the door. As I entered, I was warped into a different dimension, in this dimension, the floors were unstable and the walls were none. As I wandered around a bit, I saw a small, old woman sitting in a rocking chair. I can't recall what I did after that in that dimension, but I remember going to 3 other doors in that dream, doors in which I had to run for my life and usually work myself back to the door. One of the doors was a prehistoric plain in which I was chased by 'monsters'. I sadly can't recall any more of the dream, but it's been 5 - 7 years ago since I had this dream, so I believe I've done quite a job remembering. :P

I'm not sure if this dream has, or can have, any hidden meaning. If anyone happens to be a dream analyst, do tell me what such a dream could tell about me. :P I'm really curious. If I remember anything else from that dream, I'll add it. If anyone else has had dreams like this, just ones they've dreamed a long time ago, nothing pertaining to their 'problems' now, do post them. :)
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