Old Friend, Called Dead

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    I miss it.
    For so long
    it pulled me.
    And though it has long been
    laid to ground
    still it pulls me.
    Still I desire
    this thing I should have not
    for fear of it having me.
    For so long
    it was mine
    and it made me mine.
    It was not a cruelty
    or perversion.
    I swear it was not.
    To me—
    To me it was a kindness
    a lifeline.
    Each time a home coming.
    A bonding
    a grounding force
    when I knew I was close
    to spiraling out of reach.
    I was made to give it up
    without words
    never to speak of it.
    To make an accident
    of intent
    and vice
    of the least understandable virtue.
    My body remembers
    the words
    and lack of words writ upon it.
    My body remembers
    and they would have me pretend my mind does not.
    By removing what they thought
    the Mark of Cain
    they laid only comfort for themselves
    and removed
    one more roadblock
    my ailing mind
    had set up in the face of itself.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.