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    so i made a status on facebook: I wish i could go back to been little again back when things where so much simpler! then an old friend from back when i was in primary school commented on it lets just say i was very shocked this friend moved away when i was in year 7 (about age 12) and we stayed friends for about a year then i had a big fight with some of my other mates who i was still in school with (i go to an area school so right though from year1(age5) to year13(about age18) and she took there side... now shes talking to me like nothing ever happened (its been about 4years) like i no its been along time but things where left very bad idk... maybe im been dumb and should just forget the past but its hard that fight with her and my other friends is what tipped me over the edge thats when i started cutting and 1st got suicidal so idk she wants me and a girl we grew up with to come see her sometime i really dont no... idk any advice on the mater?
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    Hi there..
    Maybe avoid talking to her if you feel you might be triggered?
    You could politely say 'hi' long time ect.. but just keep it short.. and im sure she will get the hint you dont want to meet..
    on the other hand you could go with a close friend to meet her.. that way if it goes sour and you feel rubbish.. you will have your friend there for some support?

    I had a very close friend who 'just dissapeared' one day..
    I was convinced she had died.. either by her own hand or someone elses.. everyday i walked down this river we used to sit by.. up and down just looking to see if she was there.. her phone was off.. and noone knew where she was.. in the end we had to call the police.. but even they couldnt find her..
    about 2 years later.. she called me! i was so happy.. but also angry with her.. she acted like nothing had happened.. anyway to cut a long story short..
    I had to just say 'look you hurt me so badly.. im glad your well but we have both moved on' I wanted to talk to her about everything that had happened but it was just too much.. everytime i spoke to her i felt triggered.. there is alot more to this story than all of that but i think you can get the gist of it..

    All the best in whatever you decide to do..