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  1. It hides in my mind where even I cannot reach.
    The mental barriers are impossible to breach.

    Memories and subconscience thought imprison my soul,
    Heartache is killing me slowly, my inner battle taking it's toll.

    Meditation is a state I cannot even perceive,
    Agony and helplessness are the only feelings I receive.

    Locked in a war no army could ever win.
    I am constantly reminded of my heart of sin.

    No human could possibly comprehend how I feel.
    I didn't think being this far from God was real.

    My mind is like a black hole looming in outer space,
    I cannot wait to pass on and get away from this place.

    It's just not fair that hell is the consequence for taking one's own life,
    I just want my pitiful existence to end, I am sick of the fucking strife.

    Is anyone out there?

    Does anyone feel the same?

    That is what I was afraid of I am all alone in this.
    My face is something not even my father would miss.

    Here I am again pouring my soul onto a screen.
    I wonder if anyone will know what I mean.
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    Thanks for sharing all of these works, SaintessShadows. I tried to pick my favorite one out of yours to comment on, but I couldn't narrow it down. I like the ones that rhyme a whole bunch though! Keep writing! =D
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