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  1. noplacetogo

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    A question for men. Would you ever date an older woman? And how old is too old? And then why or why not?
    And if you are an older gentleman, what are your age limits on dating women?
  2. The_8th_Wonder

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    Well I'm not sure if I'm helping seeing as I'm 15. I'd date an older woman but probably no older than 17. I dontthink I would ever date somebody in college which is my reason. Sorry I probably didn't help you too much :/.
  3. fromthatshow

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    I am 19. I don't think it matters the age. I think love knows no bounds, and if you really connect with someone, it doesn't matter what age they are.
    If I was going to give an age though, I guess I'd say generally I wouldn't be attracted to someone over 30. There's this girl who's turning 26 on Friday that I've been hanging out with that I'm attracted to though.
  4. odnox

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    I'm a month away from 42. I don't think age is as important as personality and outlook on life. *I* would put my own personal limit at 10 years younger and maybe 2-3 years older, and would prefer younger. That's because I would want someone who didn't have children. And while I'm not exactly a "free spirit" I don't hold to the premise of having a single employer and living in the same town for my entire life. I want to travel and move and work for different companies and live in many exotic locations. So, that's where outlook is more important than age. That's what *I* want. Other guys might want something different and have a different age range.

    So, after that long bit of rambling, I think attitude and outlook are more important than age, I just think that the attitude I'm looking for in a woman would likely come from someone younger. But that's me. I don't think all men or women are the same at any age.
  5. XXXXX

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    Next month I will be 40 (and a couple more :sad:).......when I was around 21 I "dated" (that sounds so sweet!) for a couple of years a woman who was around the same age as I am now. That feels a bit weird to think about :unsure:

    Did we have much in common? Only a couple of mental health issues :rolleyes:......the big attraction for me was her being "well up for it" :biggrin:.....pretty much anytime and anyhow! her attraction to me? I was 21 and willing and able.....where did all that energy go? :blink: I learnt a lot from her - not only the bed stuff, but about women in general (albeit a never ending lesson that one!). I also learnt what a "snowball" is. By surprise :eek:hmy:. If ever I needed confirmation that I wasn't gay that was it :eek:hmy: .......that downside apart, Older woman well recommended. At least once :cool:......just not neccesarily forever.

    But a relationship with any future? Nah. amongst many other reasons the age gap was just too big.

    In theory I would date any woman between 16 and 116 - simply depends on the woman and whether I was attracted . Physically I ain't that fussy - an attitude that has served me reasonably well :rolleyes: - but for more serious (or at least longer term) has to be a mental connection of some sort. even if the connection is that we are both mental. In practice this has been mostly + / - 10 years of my own age.

    At the moment I ain't even considering another relationship of any sort, but I know that in due course (whether that "due course" be in 6 months or 60 years) the odds are that I will get involved with someone else (excepting the fact that I am writing this on SF.com)..... .....the Missus was 4 years younger than me and I can't see me wanting to get involved with someone in their 20's simply because outlook and desires change as one gets older and for me it is important for a shared outlook / dreams and a past history each can relate to by time, even if not shared experiances. Older than me? I guess a few years older would still meet my "requirements", so not impossible but older doesn't "do" anything for me and generally I think the dynamic of an older man / younger woman works well naturally. how much younger? 10 years might be pushing it for me, my gut says under 5 years younger - but I am also aware that you don't always get to choose these things..........so I reserve the right to announce my engagement next week to a 21 year old bimbo with whom I have nothing in common :laugh:

    Sorry, a bit of thread drift from older into younger women!
  6. hammockmonkey

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    I would date an older woman, well I should add I am dating an older woman. I'm 25 she's 30, we're in the same stage of life so it's pretty sweet.
  7. odnox

    odnox Well-Known Member

    Nothing like dating an older woman when you're a young guy. Mine was 28 when I was 19. In the Army, away from home and on my own for the first time in my life. I learned so much from her. We "dated" for many of the same reasons! :cool:
  8. noplacetogo

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    I'm glad some of you don't mind dating older women. I guess i'm asking because I'm getting into that stage in my life where I'm becoming an older woman. I used to think that i'd still be able to relate to younger men, maybe 5years younger or so, but it sometimes seems like a whole other generation to me. you just change over time. the fast-paced world these days doesn't seem to help it either. i guess it depends too on your place in life at the time as well like XXXXXX said, it's best to find someone you can relate to. Most men tend to stay emotionally immature for longer than women too, i guess that's why sometimes women find older men more attractive. It sucks for older women though because older men tend to go for younger women while younger men go for women of the same age or a little younger usually, so an older single woman usually loses out. I think there's also a natural inclination for men to go for younger women too because of the whole baby-making thing. You would think men who don't want babies wouldn't care too much about age, but it's the same. again, probably a biological instinct. The one thing i find annoying is that guys who date older women always say that they learned so much, like they see these older women as just teachers or something. I think an older woman who dates a younger man is just looking for someone just as if she was looking for any man, and not looking to be any guys sex-ed instructor or wise lady. so if any of you guys find yourself in a dating situation with an older woman, treat her just like you would a younger woman, trust me, she'll like it:p