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    okay, i'm currently at school and it's lunch, so i'll make this quick.
    I just had sport last period, and the teacher completely forgot that i was still in the hall and locked up :eek:hmy: and so to get out i had to open a door, which triggered the alarm...and now i know something bad's gunna happen, because everything always gets fucked up for me :dry: nevermind that i've got a huge dickhead in my class who won't stop pissing me off...soon i'm gunna end up hitting him, and i won't stop at that either.
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    Have you got anyone at school who you trust, who you can talk to? A teacher? Any friends?
    It may help if you can - help reduce the burden on your shoulders :)
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    heyy i can relate to that, i used to have people like that in my class and hey yes i hit them, but that made life so much more difficult so please hold it if you can he isnt worth it.
    :O cannot believe that locked you in! thats bad!! bloody teachers!
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    they locked you in? o0
    Well, they'd have to be pretty silly to find a way to blame that on you. It's your teacher's fault for locking you in :p

    What does he do?