Omfg! Why!?

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  1. KittyGirl

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    It is ALWAYS soooo fucking stressful to drive anywhere with my mom.
    She freaks the fuck out whenever she doesn't know exactly where she's going- she yells and screams at anyone who sits in the passenger seat- she smokes every 10 minutes and she doesn't seem to understand how putting me in a tense environment where I get screamed at every 3 seconds RUINS MY MOOD TO DO ANYTHING!
    I just wanna curl up and fucking DIE whenever I go somewhere with her!

    -___- she said that she would drive me to Angus today so that I could pick up a new monitor...
    it's literally 15 minutes away- you drive down one road until you see the sign to turn off and you're THERE. Yet she STILL flips out because she hasn't been there before and doesn't want to get lost.
    I don't even want to go anymore!
    We havent even left the house and she's freaking out already!!
    I'm still not able to drive because my license was suspended until I am 'medically stable' or whatever...
    So I am stuck with her in the car for half an hour while she yells at me ONCE AGAIN.

    My brother and I are getting her a GPS for her birthday this month, but HOLY CHRIST- it can't seem to come fast enough! We should've gotten her one YEARS ago!!!!!!!!!!

    Love you mom, but you do NOTHING for my nerves. nothing.
    You totally harsh my mellow. -___-
  2. flyingdutchmen

    flyingdutchmen Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear that Vanessa, She sounds exactly like my mother. All is fine untill she gets up from the couch then the stress starts. i have given up trying to change her and let her do her thing. cant change a 55year old anymore.
    Is your mother also by any chance very scared that something goes wrong aka making an failure and allways point you at the mistakes you make not seing the mistakes she makes by herself ?
    Again sorry to hear, hang in there Girl a couple more years
  3. cloud9

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    Something about parents when they get older. They just don't change. I guess I shouldn't say never, but its a lot harder for them too. I feel your pain when it comes to their nagging. I'm sorry to hear they're yelling. My parents just seem to dump all their problems on me. They just need to vent out on someone and it usually is me. My dad about my sister, my sister about my dad, my mom about how family is shit in general ha ha. Yea one thing I've learned is that they don't change.....but take comfort in the fact that you're not alone when it comes to annoying parents.
  4. bluegrey

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    Hello Vanessa. I wonder if your mom has an undiagnosed anxiety disorder and as a result is chronically stressed from all of life's very real pressures. Maybe some of your issues are genetic and passed down from her? She does sound like she is very seriously overreacting to trivialities. I have generalized anxiety disorder and have days where I am pacing, agitated and generally climbing the walls over car trouble, another hijacked credit card, family members obligating me into all sorts of tasks, not enough money to meet expenses and the like.

    Afflicted with generalized anxiety disorder (and throw in a low mood from possible chronic depression) and virtually anyone will be a perpetual ball of stress. If she started smoking at an early age- that in itself predisposes a person for an anxiety disorder.

    All of that said, my nerves are usually hair trigger and I don't suppose yours are all that much better and having a parent rip into you is extremely unpleasant AND hurtful. I hope this bad situation gets resolved or reduced in severity. :console:
  5. flyingdutchmen

    flyingdutchmen Well-Known Member

    this is exactly the reason i asked the questions above as i do believe my mom is not completely healthy and has never been and i could have inherited some of her symptons. i have tried to change her behaviour for many years starting about 15 years ago but she just keeps smoking like a rocket, being afraid for everything which could go wrong and outing it in screaming and being very anxious. i tried to make clear to her that every human makes mistakes now and then but it just doesnt seem to help
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  6. KittyGirl

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    Perhaps she has some sort of anxiety disorder- but It just really freaks me out. Makes me feel like shit any time I have to drive anywhere with her.
    She used to drive a schoolbus in the city just before I was born. She did that for 4 years and used to be fine driving in the city and driving new places-- this seems to be something that just developed as she got older.
    She's never been in an accident and as far as I know- she's never really been seriously lost.

    -___- it just really makes me feel like shit and like tucking and rolling out of the car any time I'm supposed to go with her anywhere.
    Honestly does nothing for my many stress issues <- especially since I have a fear of people in general; and once people begin to show any aggressive behavior- I fear for my life.

    I'm sure she has looked into any mental health issues she may have. She sees a therapist regularly for her childhood and men problems; so whatever it is, she should be able to get some help for it-- but she hasn't as of yet.
    It beings me alot of stress and I'm freaked out to the point of being terrified and miserable whenever I have to go anywhere with her- so it is a big problem.
  7. total eclipse

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    I use to be the same way as your mother i drove everyone nuts. I am now on medication and i don't freak out anymore or yell at my passengers or daughter or husband. I think try talking to your mom about getting on some medication to help her thus helping everyone around her. I hope she can get some help so you do not have to put up with her instability take care