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    a certain fucking site has all the fucking methods for suicide on it and ways of self-harm ..


    it's not right it's a load of fucking shit and it should be stopped!!!

    yeh it's one thoing saying it's there to infoirm but it doesnt have to give so much fucking detail on it, i bet that it has led people to fucking killing thierselves
    god this has pissed me off so fucking much :mad:


  2. ~PinkElephants~

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    I agree with you about the site and it shouldn't be allowed to be up. The thing is though with or without the site ems people always find away if they are in a desperate enough situation. I completely understand your frustration but that is the truth at hand.

    Please stay safe and stay off the site if it upsets you.
  3. Darken

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    Your wrong. It should be allowed cause we have some thing called freedom of speech (well we are suppose to any ways). With it will come things you like and things you don't like, but no one should be able to control what another person says.
  4. Abacus21

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    Yes, but methods for suicide are illegal.
  5. Beret

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    Please stay safe hun :hug:
    We love you dearly.
  6. Actually, in most countries, it is not illegal to talk about suicide methods, otherwise, one very popular New York Times' bestselling book's author, would be imprisoned for writing about suicide methods for incurably/terminally ill people. However, it is illegal to encourage suicide.
  7. Random

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    Thing is that I think the only people who ever end up doing it are those who are really determined in the first place. And lack of specific knowledge of how to do so will probably not stop them from trying.

    It's hard to say what would or wouldn't happen without such sites. Suppose a person wants to do it but doesn't know exactly how. Let's say that person tries using their limited knowledge and they fail but they do enough damage to themselves that they end up in a vegetative state for life. I hate to say it but that person would have been better off if they'd succeeded.

    Who knows? Accurate information on exactly what happens might actually deter many.
  8. Blackness

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    I agree.
    I've searched the net heaps for sites like this, all to no avail. The government has removed them or they have been limited. It's shit. People deserve to be able to die if they want to. Including euthanasia.
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    freedom of speech is good, and if your life is missery, and that might be a life saver, finding a way out the best way out, and not screwing around... getting it done the right way.... sorry but if your life is that bad and you are very ill, then why not, we put dogs esleep but humans do not deserve this courtesy????
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    no one on this site will give you the link as it is therotically giving out methods which is against site rules
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    There are many sites which have bomb making recipes and how to carry out massacres, it doesn't even surprise me anymore, just stay on sites you feel comfortable with :smile:
  13. danni

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    i think method should be taken down so it wont hurt anymore ppl