OMG... I am losing it!

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  1. BornFree

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    Warning May trigger... please keep safe!!!

    I just don't know... I left hospital so positive and ready to give living my best effort and I have been out since Monday night and here I am stressed, shaking, tearful and thinking of self harming again, this time I'm so upset the thoughts are more violent!!

    The consultant said I had to go under the Home Treatment again and couldn't leave hospital until I had an appt with them,I asked the nurse and he said they would ring me - well they haven't and I just can't bring myself to ring them...
    So here I am at home, I had to promise consultant I wouldn't be on my own... well my husband took leave and for what???!!! I was on my own within 10mins of getting home from hospital as my husband didn't cancel my sons usual activity so that was it. we got home they left and I had to sort my daughters dinner, bath, getting ready for bed etc... then yesterday morning he was out seeing a friend all morning till after lunch and then last night he was out till near 10pm and tonight he has invited friends over - ok they are bringing food as I have just got out... HOWEVER.... its still the stress of the major clean up (as things have been left as/while I have been in hospital)

    I can't do this... AGAIN.... the feelings and stressors are still there!!!!!!!!!
    Oops too many tears now!!!!
  2. BornFree

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    Oh my gosh I sound like a whiny brat...
    just ignore this thread.

    I can't do this anymore... I can't fix anything or anyone. I can't help in anyway and I don't want to hurt anyone but I don't know what else to do. Sorry!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx
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    Oh hun :hug: i'm sorry your feeling down so soon. Could you get your husband to ring for you?
  4. IV2010

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    Your husband needs a kick up the backside....sounds like my ex..
    they don't get it that's for sure...
    can you have a word to him and tell him you need him to actually be there for you and it's about what you need at the moment not what he wants..
    please don't hurt yourself...go back to the hospital if you need to and leave him to it..take care