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OMG....MY BEST FREIND IS DEAD!!!!!...warning may trigger***

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by I Miss You, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. I Miss You

    I Miss You Guest

    i just found out that my closest friend of almost 20 years has been murdered along with his family...it happened on teusday morning at 4:45am

    they were all shot to death and the house was set on fire.....:sad:


    i just want to kill myself so badly right now its not even funny

    i will never see him again...never hear his voice..

    the last time i talked to him was on monday night...12 hours later he and his family were dead

    i dont want to be here anymore

    i wanted to say that i am deeply sorry if i hurt any female members here..i really didnt mean any harm....i know i crossed the line with certain members here....and for that i am truly sorry

    no can save me now

    he was the last freind that i had...now i have NOBODY*crying*

    i just cant take it anymore

  2. marthijn1987

    marthijn1987 Guest

    That's awful I Miss You! :cry: :sad:

    I'm really sorry for you, that you lost your best friend!
  3. Lonely4ever

    Lonely4ever Guest

    OMG... Thats so awful. I dont know what to say and how to say... But i really feel awful for u... Who could do that??? And why???
    Please please just dont do something to yourself on the impulse!!! Please give it some time!!! I am all alone too, i have no one i can talk to, all my "friends" are alive but they turned their backs on me. Your friend is dead now, but he wouldnt want u to hurt yourself, i am so sure about it even though i didnt know him at all!
    If u want to talk, i am always here for u, please PM me! Those are not just some stupid words, its the truth, coz i really care without even knowing u or your friend!!!
  4. Scum

    Scum Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry to hear that.

    Maybe as opposed to looking at this as a reason to die, look at it as a reason to live and fight. Fight for justice for your friend and his family, make sure the killer is behind bars. Plus you will probably be important to the police as you spoke to him so recently before he was killed. Keep fighting for his memory, for everything he meant to you.

    Presumably it's been on the news, have you seen/read anywhere that we might be able to read about it? It sounds horrendous and we might have a better chance of supporting you, the more we know.

    Hang in there and take care
  5. I Miss You

    I Miss You Guest

    thank you hon...the cops showed up at my door at 4pm wensday..the day after and told me...they recorded a interview/statament with me

    i am barely hanging on at this momment

    i dont know what to do

    i miss him so much*cry*

    if you have MSN please add me*cry*
  6. I Miss You

    I Miss You Guest

    thank you hon...that means a lot to me...SF is all i have right now...

    i feel so lost and alone...i just dont know if i can stand it much longer

    as for PM..i cant im under moderation...i feel so empty so numb

    i have gone through four suicides...my aunt died a little over a year ago..and NOW THIS!!!...WHAT THE FUCK!!!!

    if you have MSN..please add me..it would me so much to me right now
  7. I Miss You

    I Miss You Guest

    thank you Scum..that means a lot to me..i am trying so hard..but i dont know if i can do it at this point..im tired of fighting...:sad:

    yeah it was on the news..but for only 20 SECONDS!!!..HOW FUCKED UP IS THAT!!!

    if you look at Redding.com..you will see the full story...they are calling it the worst mass murder in Shasta County history

    i just dont know if i can hang on..i dont want to.it HURTS SO BAD!!!!!.:sad:
  8. Lonely4ever

    Lonely4ever Guest

    IMissYou, please add me i added u on my MSN!!! I really need to talk to u, i am afraid u will do something to urself!!!
  9. bunny

    bunny Staff Alumni

    im very confused about all this, i looked at the articles on www.redding.com but they say that 2 of the 6 bodies were identified on thursday, the rest were still John and Jane Does, why would the police tell you on wedensday that your friend was dead when they hadnt even identified them? :unsure:
  10. corral

    corral Guest

    sorry to hear about it, its horrible.
    i hope they catch those people that did it. were there kids too?
    hope you are coping ok, you have msn now?
  11. Oh... geez, I'm so so so sorry... :hug:

    Please take care of yourself though, please?
  12. Scum

    Scum Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry, I too am confused.

    I looked at the same link as bunny and found this article http://www.redding.com/news/2007/apr/13/two-fire-victims-died-of-gunshot-wounds/

    I just wondered which one was your friend.

    They still have only identified the daughter and the father (I think that was what the article said).

    Maybe you could get yourself some support to help you through this before you do anything drastic. Your friend would not want you to die because of him. He would probably want you to fight for him, and keep fighting on.

    Take care of yourself.
  13. ace

    ace Well-Known Member

    I'm deeply sorry IMU about what has happened it's so tragic:sad: ,if in any way I can be of any help to you I'm alway's here for you.
  14. Erebos

    Erebos Well-Known Member

    My deepest condolences. Please don't bear the pain alone. Dissipate it here.
  15. ~CazzaAngel~

    ~CazzaAngel~ Staff Alumni

    You know my heart goes out to you hunny.. you know i'll always be here if you need me. Remember all I told you on MSN lastnight. :hug:
  16. crzykidshanana

    crzykidshanana Well-Known Member

    ^That's perfect. I concur.
  17. ~CazzaAngel~

    ~CazzaAngel~ Staff Alumni

    Come to think of this, it doesn't make much sense. :unsure:
  18. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    FUCK. This is why we ALL need good people like you to keep on living. Don't let the world be over-run by these psychos who only cause pain...be a source of good...that is the best you can do here on this Earth. Take care :)
  19. Her_ghost

    Her_ghost Member

    that sucks so bad.
    And i know your pain.
    I had a girlfriend kill herself. And I had a friend that lived next door to me
    kill himself....:blink: :blink: :sad:

    Yes life is sad sometimes and I know its hard to hold on.
    But you must not kill yourself..
    Theres SO much you can do with your life..
  20. marthijn1987

    marthijn1987 Guest

    Hi I Miss You,:smile:

    How are you, I really hope your fine!

    Do they already know who did it? :sad:

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