OMG my mom caught me

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    I am bisexual but mostly interested in gays. I was talking to a gay on msn while our webcams were on. He wanted to see my butt so I was showing it naked(I wasnt naked but my butt was) and my mom walked on the corridor while I was showing it. Her eyes don't see well without glasses but she wasnt far away and she looks at the room most of the time. I'm 99% sure she saw it. She thinks I'm heterosexual. There's no point in bending and showing your naked butt to girls so I think she thinks that I'm gay now. She's pretending as if she didnt see it and nothing happened. What should I do? I would like to come out but I don't know how to say it. And I know I cant do it. That sucks.
  2. wonderer

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    You have a few options. You could decide that, since she's not saying anything, you won't either. Or you could decide to just tell her. It really depends on your family situation and how you want to handle the situation.
  3. Melmoth the Wanderer

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    I'd give it a few days and let her think about the whole thing.

    She may be in denial and just needs time.

    She may have already passed it off in her mind as you doing some kind of prank online.

    If she doesn't start dropping 'hints'--which, depending on her nature could range from asking about who you're dating to suddenly start trying to set you up with a "nice girl" she knows--then you can probably safely assume she's not making a big deal about it. Of course, if you come out to her later, she may think of this again and wonder why she didn't see it before.

    Try not to stress out about it, though.
  4. VALIS

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    I'm sorry, that sucks
    Number one thing to NOT do: act upset or nervous. the situation is somewhat ambiguous; she might think it was sexual or just be confused. I mean, you were technically mooning someone- if she asks you what you were doing say it was a joke. But if you act weird about it then for sure she's going to assume that something is up. Hey it could be a lot worse, you could have been masturbating or something inexplicably sexual!
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    Well your probably going to have to tell her someday, but if your not comftable with htat at the moment just bring up after a few days that some dickhead attacked you online so you ended up "mooning him" or something along those lines like you farted at him in the webcam as an insult back.
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    Dude, ive showed my butt to girls before, i think i have a nice butt and get it out every chance i get.

    I dont think she will think anything of it, but if she does... tell her, she will find out oneday.
  7. Nocturnal Ponderer

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    Thats a good one. Act like nothing happened. If she asks you, act a bit suprised, and say "Oh I was just mooning this dickhead"

    If I walked past my sons room, and saw him doing that, I'd just assume it was a prank, I wouldn't think straight away that he was gay.
    In fact, thats probably the last thing I would think.

    Even if you were flashing your cock, just say it is to a girl.

    Just pass it off as a prank.