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Omg... need advice

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OK. There is this girl who I like very much. She works and is studying at the same university as me.

I was too afraid to approach her and ask her out on a date. But my friends knew I liked her and they asked HER out for me and she said YES!

I spoke to her when we could meet and she said TOMORROW! So I was like "yeah, tomorrow is great".

But I am dreading what to do or say!!!! Please give me advice! I haven't had a girlfriend since I was 12 and even then it wasn't real. lol

I can't believe she said yes. She is a part-time model and she is also very smart. (She can speak 3 different languages!) I always make jokes with her and I usually make her laugh. Her English is very good and she said she'd help me with my Chinese studies! :boogie:

I have never been this excited in my life! haha! Maybe this is what I needed?!!!


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to be honest...the best thing you can do is just be yourself. Don't worry about trying to impress her or anything.... Just try to find some common interests and then talk about those.


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I will try to find something to talk about but sometimes it comes an issue when you are talking then suddenly the talking stops and it becomes rather weird. - I just hope it doesn't end up in that type of situation! But I'm playing football today, hopefully I can find something about that to talk about that and ask her questions or how was her day etc!


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Thanks for the link, I read all of it. But it was really basic stuff, I am already very polite and usually I try to get her to speak more then it shows she is interested! (From what I have read)

Though I sprained my leg today playing football, I guess that is something to talk about. :P

But reading that article it says don't ask too personal questions, so I will try and keep away from those until I know her better. (i.e. just asking how her studies are going and what I can do to help) - Since I think she is studying English! :D


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Let's just say I think I pulled this off.

She spoke to me for around 2 and a half hours and I made her laugh a lot!

Although it was just a friendly conversation on her getting to know me and me getting to know her, I learned quite a bit about her. She is so cute... her laugh, her smile and her general thinking. (She is smart!)

Although I was to afraid to ask her when we could meet next. But I think I can be more confident with her now. I am thinking of asking her if she wants to watch a movie or go have something to eat... perhaps even both.

My heart has never felt so much love before... wow.
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