OMG OMG OMG what do i do ????

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    Right well.... I had a job i worked there for 2 and half years (really struggled because of my illness) but I tried to commit suicide and ended up in psych ward for just over 4 months...only been out 4 week. In that time i got made redundant (meaning i lost my job) BUT someone has just rang me up asking me to go for a job interview tomorrow @ 10:30am....I really dont know what to do as working kinda helped as it kept me busy and helped keep my mind off things during the day....but its really hard with my illness and with me being pretty bad at the moment i dont think i can handle starting at a new place face to face meeting people trying to fit in and not be a outcast... Would i have to tell them about my past and my illness and medication im on and why im on it etc etc etc.....ARGHHHH this is making me feel loads of weird emotions..... What do i do?!?!?! :sad:
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    take it one day at a time, if needed take it one hour ata time, i believe you can do it
    :hug: its hard but i believe you can do it
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    thanks jason *hug

    Im just so scared that if i go ahead and they take me on or give me a chance what if i screw up or something happens or goes do i know ill not get knock back 10 and end up worse off and take my own life....? theres so many ifs and buts *sob sob* xxxxx
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    I would advice you to go to the will lose nothing...see if you dont like it, go home & say thanks...but if you work which i rather you to do will keep you busy insated of thinking of bad things, the past ,weird emotions......& so will keep your head & your life straight....and it will be like new life/white page....
    and about telling them your dont have to mix your private life & your work.its a private thing.
    take care of yourself
  5. Clockwork Reality

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    Remember, YOU are in control here. Nobody else.

    Go to the interview and give it your best, because you ARE strong and you ARE capable. A suicide attempt couldn 't destroy you, the psyche ward couldn't stop you, and neither will this.

    And if you get hired, expose only what YOU want, WHEN you want. Go to work eager and only reveal your past when YOU'RE ready to.

    Good luck! I know you can do it!