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OMG over milk

I am very Despondant. His mood changed again
He is acting so testy with me and am not sure why. He s being really dismissive towards me. I am really tired of this. I am slowly deluging deeper into depression. I am bordering on suicidal. I mean its just been one thing after another. I really don't know what to do anymore. I am scared of his changing moods. What do they mean even more what do they mena for me. What am I going to have to deal with next.....

He is being so mean I am downstairs crying. He is acting like I did something wrong but keeps telling me I haven't. He plays head games like this. So am downstairs not in the room. I hate when his mood changes like this. I am so angry at life and angry with myself and angry despondent distraught and overwhelmed with everything...with him. I wish I knew what to expect from him. He doesn't let me in. Then acts like a jerk to me. He acts like he has resentment towards me. WHY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHat did I do to him...?? I wish I had somewhere to go. He can be so rude and mean to me. What did I ever do to him ...????????I am bawling now tring to hold it in. He is such a ( meanie: I remembered Ms. BELLADONNA LOL ) to me. I am sensitive and a very feeling person.. OMG I really don't know if I will last two weeks ( starting next week )

I was sick and he offered to make me something that you have to use milk with. I use milk sometimes despite Milk products make me feel sick sometimes so at first I said ok( we don't have much food right now cuz he is uses a lot of drugs and doesn't eat much and I just eat little so am not a bother . I thought about it for a few sec. then i changed my mind and went downstairs and told him i changed my mind then he got really angry with me I mean slamming stuff. I told him he didn't have to offer to make me something if he didn't really feel like it. Now he is being mean and I tried so hard to talk to him and try to figure out why even before this happened he has been acting so dismissive towards me. I just gave up and came downstairs.... I am not strong like him numb inside i have a real feeling live heart and its hard to hide..]

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I am sorry your bf cannot be there emotionally for you as i stated i think you need to move on okay and look after you hugs to you

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