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    Today I went to the Britain's Got Talent auditions and my jaw dropped to the floor when I saw Stephen Mulhern standing right infront me, I couldn't stop staring :laugh: I almost had to have some oxygen! He ended up having a photo with me and a group shot with the others I was with, we're hoping to get it in the societies magazine. :) Also had a little chat with him and he gave me a hug!

    I was also backstage for a lot of the auditions. Saw the good. Saw the bad. Saw a woman in the audience having to be escorted out after throwing abuse at Simon after he gave his opinion on a shite act. (And she was shite). I was standing inches from the judges and Piers even winked and waved at me. :laugh:

    Amandas dress didn't do her much justice. She was wearing a very light silk dress (which did look nice) but when she was facing the audience we could see the shape of her body from behind and it looked like she wasn't wearing much underneath. :unsure:

    Ant and Dec were standing at the other side of the stage and were talking to the contestants as they came off the stage. Some of the singers were shite and got booed as soon as they started and Ant and Dec chased after one of them to get him to go back on stage. Only to get the 3 "buzzes" :laugh:

    When it comes on TV I will be there thinking, "I was right behind that stage, watching the act!". I know some of the acts who got through so I got inside knowledge. :laugh:

    Was a long day but it was good. I'm tired now but I'm happy I got so close to the judges and presenters. :eek:hmy: I need to pinch myself. :blink:
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    Glad you had a great day hun!

    I'm still jealous:tongue:

    I have never heard of that Stephen guy:laugh: Must be hot! hehe
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    He's already spoken for. :mad: :tongue::wub:
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    jealous i am :mad: kidnap simon for me please