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Omg :@

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Pulsar132, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Pulsar132

    Pulsar132 Member

    Hey, just gunna get my anger out, below is what i'm thinking,

    What have i done to you????
    Why don't you trust me????
    I'm sorry for everything i've done!!!!
    Why can't you show you actually like me????
    Why am i not wanted????
    What have i done for peiple not to want me????
    What can i do to fix this????
    Is suicide the only way forward????
    Is Richard the answer to my problems????

    Why do i argue????
    Whats the point with everything????
    I've had a FUCKING enough with this!!!!
    Why is it always me????
    Arn't these Anti-Depressants meant to work????
    They make me feel fucking worse!!!!
    Whats the point of councelling if it makes you depressed afterwards????
    Why take one Melatonin to help me sleep, when i can sleep forever with maybe another 50 odd!!!!

    What have i done to deserve this????
    Why does everything fall onto me????
    All i try to do is help people!!!!
    And they chuck it back into my face!!!!

    I want help but i'm not willing!!!!
    I want this to end, but i've given up trying, nothing works!!!!
    Do i really love him????
    Is it just a phase????
    Why am i gay????
    Why does my mum think she has failed me because i'm gay????
    I'm still her son!!!!

    Why is being 16 so difficult????
    I want to be free!!!!
    But theres no chance of that happening!!!!
    Why do people label each other?, I'm myself and so are you, no matter if your a emo, goth, chav or whatever, your still Yourself!!!!


    Thanks feel a bit better now :).