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    mom was sent into a therapy house about less than a week ago and supposed to get therapy and stuff with other patients...but last night she called me and said that her wallet got stolen and when she complained about it, they sent her in the emergency intensive I thought that was odd that they would do that for that...she asked me to come and visit her and bring smokes and I ended up having to sell a lot of dvds to be able to pay for her pack...and a bit for food 'cause I don't have much...anyways...when I got there visitations were over but I wanted to speak with the nurse, and she told me I wasn't allowed to visit her at any time for the first week...and she said that the doctor had her admitted after she hit someone...I was like whhhhaaaa? she hit someone? omg...yeah she forgot to say that to me...anyways I was able to leave the packs of smokes, a soda and a bar of chocolate I bought her and then I left...

    I came home and I have three messages, the first one was okay, the second one was telling me that I should re-learn french because the visitation hours were going to be soon over...and the third one she started to get unpleasant and I deleted the message before hearing it I have no clue what bullshit she was going to try and hurt me with....

    I don't know what to do anymore...I mean she's so angry all the time...and has so many hallucinations, I think I am going to call her doctor and tell him about it because she's really bad...I wonder if she'll ever be okay...
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    ah hun let the professionals take care of her nowokay I am glad you cannot visit for aweek it will give you time to just you hun Sound like she is making up things to worry you to get you there hugs to you