On A Downhill Slide

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    On a downhill slide
    the desperate man clings,
    having cast all things aside--
    the good and the bad
    out of anger
    or boredom
    or a driving urge
    to assimilate
    and blend in.

    And yet,
    upon that fulcrum
    as gravity gives way,
    the very things
    he cast aside
    are found to be
    the very things
    he reaches for--

    his bloody fingers trace
    soft words of regret
    as he scrabbles
    for purchase
    in the loose scree
    sliding him to his doom,
    his feet beneath him
    unable to stop
    his terminal descent.

    If he could but find handholds
    and lift himself into the arms
    of that which he didn't value
    before the fall,
    he would be saved
    from himself
    because the fall
    is into the madness
    of the mind.

    Unworthy of salvation,
    beneath contempt,
    still beats a human heart
    yearning for something better,
    someone to cling to
    and hide within
    from gibbering lunacy
    waiting patiently
    to devour him.

    Tears spell out
    his words in the dust
    as he begs for forgiveness,
    no longer in hope
    of salvation,
    but in hope of proving
    his contrition
    so as to hear
    that beautiful accent
    one last time
    before the darkness
    swallows the light.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.