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    I' ve just returned home after 3 months of therapy. worse than ever. they want me to begin a social work kinda count stamps. bullshit for iq' ed 131. the plan I got is even the same level, except for the money. I sit in my 29 square meters flat, yo la tengo is playing, I can' t sleep and need a piece of paper from the work bureaucracy tomorrow in order to get a job for a supermarket. I' ve learned 1 or two relaxation techniques, some bible quotes and have just enough money to get over the rest of the month with tobacco and toast. I began to draw a rat and am planning to send it to a german satirical magazine, but that would be owls to athens respective cocaine to columbia. at least I still enjoy music. okay, cu soon...................
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    :hug: I hope you feel better soon x
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    3mths of therapy i hope you are able to take something from it Life will only improve when you are able to apply all you learned Hope you start to feel better now your home in your own space peace for awhile.