On Christmas eve....

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    On Christmas eve at 6PM...or anytime but I picked a time for closeness

    We will all light a small candle for the year we have been given, whether it was good or bad and be grateful for what we have we and what we have achieved this year. The friends we have made, the advice you have given or be given, the mistakes we have made are all in the past. Light the candles for our loved ones who are not here to celebrate christmas with us this year or being thankful for everything we have achieved and glad and proud for still being here and fighting these illnesses, I will be lighting lavendar as usual...

    I lit this candle for Laureen's son who passed away recently! http://s1378.photobucket.com/user/irishpetals/media/IMG_20141120_1723211_zpsa925750d.jpg.html?o=0

    For me lighting candles is therapeutic and is very calming, I hope this helps someone!
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