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    The landscape of the sleeping mind
    A vast, sparsely populated domain
    Now and again a soft, subtle sigh is to be heard
    The stirrings of a newly-born dream

    Born into this strange land, the dream slowly takes it's shape
    At first only a vague, formless creation
    Slowly, the dream finds it's true nature
    It learns the ways of this world
    Knowledge is gained from those that have come before it

    A new, living story has come into being
    The plot is convoluted, brash and inscrutable
    Characters from other, older dreams soon join in
    A flight of fancy takes roost among the golden trees

    The God of this realm observes his own creations
    He is pleased at what his own mind has wrought
    The story unfolds in ways he could not have known
    Ever higher, the mounting stories squabble for attention

    Suddenly, a harsh intrusion upon the sky
    Glaring light, squalling sound
    Dreams old and new depart for safer lands
    The world is torn apart and shattered by an unseen hand

    I roll over, and strike a quick blow to the evil alarm clock
    It has destroyed a place of such beauty, and knows not it's crime
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.