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On Match for a month


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You know I enjoy being entertained... okay, okay. Got coupon for $30 for the month. Dating sites are expensive and at this time, they shouldn’t be. Matter of fact, they should be discounted due to the pandemic. They shouldn’t promote people handing out. But I have a friend who dates a lot from Match and meets up with people. Mask and social distancing but nonetheless.

I’m just virtual! And shocker.... most men aren’t into that *bleh


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No it's cool it just seemed like such a random thread I enjoyed it though. I figured you were going to blast match but then it just ended!

I can be the Queen of Random. I’m also going through life’s change and it aint no cake walk. My hormones and thyroid and everything else has decided to give me the middle finger.

It speaks volumes about the life I’m leading. Alone during the pandemic with an aging cat. I can go from professional topics to... I need to bleach my bathroom floor, in a blink.

I don’t have ADHD or anything. I read an article recently by the APA saying we are all having a hard time sticking to a task.

yesterday, I was all about my car... today, I felt like chatting it up with men online. Spent the better part of the day looking for a coupon.

Tomorrow... who knows.


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Hahaha well you seem interesting but men there probably want more than chatting! 😁

I've been alone through all this too with a cat. High five!
You’d think they would be more responsible but I’m old... what do I know.

My cat can’t even stand for me to leave the room without her standing up. Even if she’s lying down and “sleeping”. I”m like.... I really need to get back to the office.


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Think my decision to not have children was a good idea. I just can’t be needed that much by a pet. She’s become incredibly needy at 19.5. I’m happy she’s lived so long but the demands are pretty intense. She’d like to be fed every 2 hours, after 9 am. That really doesn’t mesh with my sleep Schedule.


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Tell me about it! She’s the standard torti/tabby. One of my vets years ago said they are the sturdiest. Once cats get specialized with hair length, size, facial features, tail type, etc... they become more prone to genetic problems.

20 years old! Yeah.. that’s filed in my “yikes” drawer. Sorry... but at least you got the cat *hi5


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Yeah I think it’s expensive and I wouldn’t do it without a coupon. I put in my profile I block and delete. Amazing how that stops weirdos from randomly saying hi. Although got one guy going on about the “China” conspiracy and we‘re all lapdogs. Block=>delete.


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Update: briefly communicated with man who seems nice. Divorced. One child. Doesn’t want more. 51. Graduate degree. Employed. About 25 min north of me (Beltway).

I looked at his profile... okay I was being overly nosy about all the holiday photos. It was a lot for Christmas and New Years. Was nice. Very family/friend oriented.

Thats it.

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