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On Match for a month


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@Movieaddict How'd it work out? I am thinking of spending the $$ but I'd go for a three month period since I don't have a coupon...
I’ll be honest that I haven’t been on in about a week. Work got too crazy. Right now I’m on vacation just due to exhaustion. Well, let me back track.... I told my boss I was taking off but not using vacation. As I was working long days with no lunch.

i should log in. It expires on the 20th. An even worse time as I’ll be even more busy. Bad timing or I just can’t handle work and searching for a date.


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I remember some weirdos when i was in college dating online. Lol i still have the same number since college so might get a random unknown text here and there but just ingore them as niggling suspections they were from those heydays. *hysterical

My newest cat is CLINGY AF.... has to he touching me. At all times. One paw touching me she is fine. Even sits on my foot when I am eating. My cats dont eat peoples food but she just want my hand toiching her... lolmao

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